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HUMENA Technology Basics:

HUMENA is a technology to induce, to modulate and to  synchronize altered states of consciousness of unlimited number of people (meditators, prayers etc.) around the world.

HUMENA technology components :

1. HUMENA Global Wave Counter

2. HUMENA Cloud Services

3. HUMENA Google Play Apps content

4. HUMENA App Store Apps content

5. HUMENA User Apps with 5 ways Mind Modulation Software.

HUMENA Network High Level Diagram

HUMENA Network High Level Diagram

HUMENA Technology Components:


WC combines calendar, high resolution chronometer and virtual brainwave modulation generator.

It is connected to each individual HUMENA Smartphone App.

Each WC’s virtual wave channel has a specific and unique frequency and time coordinates. Each WC’s wave is numbered from the beginning.

WC is a main frequencies carrier to synchronize participants’ mental states.

Wave Counter Principal Diagram

Wave Counter Principal Diagram
HUMENA participants with synchronized  brains activity.

HUMENA Technology Components:


HUMENA is using GPS signals and NIST Atomic Clock to synchronize participants brainwaves during scheduled meditation sessions.

The HUMENA system is capable to synchronize unlimited groups of participants from  around the World.

Wave Counter as part of HUMENA system is capable to synchronize unlimited number of participants with milliseconds range resolution which is much higher than human brainwave frequency.

Wave Counter High Level Architecture

Wave Counter High Level Architecture

HUMENA Technology Components:


WC has a number of Channels, each has a start time, unique frequency and phase shift. Each Channel divided into the number of Lines.

The participants can get into the Line through the HUMENA App Gate individually (Random Ride) or in Groups (Scheduled Raid).

WC provides, supports and focus a collective state of mind and collective power of intent produced simultaneously and synchronously by unlimited number of participants.

 Wave Counter is a Mind Activity Fusion device.

Wave Counter Functionality Diagram

Wave Counter Functionality Diagram


Participants brainwave profiles during

 HUMENA Meditation synchronized by


Wave 1

Participants brainwaves profile

during any other Group Meditation, not


Wave 2


The HUMENA system has five synergistic methods to induce  desirable synchronous altered states of mind through the WAVE COUNTER and HUMENA endpoint applications:

First method is Ambient Signals causing mild sensory deprivation. It can be the sound of rain, water or wind or any other sound of nature, or artificial monotone sound. It is a surrogate of total silence and provides the effect of the sensory isolation from the environment.

Second method is a Brainwave Entrainment signals. It is a special sound signals. These signals are inducing similar frequency response potentials in users' brains. As a result, users' brainwave activity is synchronized and coherent between hemispheres and through the entire brain.

Third method –Main attention driver (Main Driver). It is a special rhythmic signal that is catching user's attention. They work in synergy with the ambient signals. While ambient signal helps to move person's attention from the environment, “Main Driver” signals are helping “to catch and hold” person's attention.

KeyWord Messages/ Voice Guidance. It can be any type of words according to the user's desire. t is effective because in the environment of relative sensory deprivation, synchronized brainwaves' activity and “frozen” attention state it has the power of imperative message.

Fifth method - Interpersonal Synchronization – participants can “Jump In” to the certain steady frequency range simultaneously or in different time and they will have synchronized brainwaves, attention drivers and KeyWord Messages during the meditation.

It is achievable through the Wave Counter

Mind Synchronizing features onboard

On HUMENA end-user app

HUMENA End-User App