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There are three main parts of HUMENA technology


HUMENA MindState

Induces a specific mind state in each participant using Ambient sounds, Brainwave signals, Main attention driver, and Key messages.


HUMENA TimeSpace

Uses a precise time alignment to the milliseconds range between all participants, globally with the NIST Atomic clock, GPS signals, NTP servers, and a private blockchain.


HUMENA InterSync

Is interpersonal sychronization of induced HUMENA MindStates into a common HUMENA TimeSpace by using a propietary HUMENA Wave Counter technology.

HUMENA MindState - How it Works

The HUMENA MindState has FOUR SYNERGISTIC METHODS to induce synchronous states of mind for unlimited groups of people:

First method – Interpersonal synchronous ambient sound signals causing mild sensory deprivation. This is a surrogate for total silence to as to provide some sensory isolation from the environment. The signals are delivered through headphones simultaneously with millisecond-range resolution.

Second method – Interpersonal synchronous brainwave entrainment signals (sound, and/or light, and/or electric and/or magnetic signals). Brainwave entrainment synchronizes users’ brainwave frequency and renders it coherent between hemispheres and throughout the entire brain. Signals are delivered to users through headphones and/or specialized headsets simultaneously with milliseconds range resolution

Third method – Interpersonal synchronous main attention driver (Main Driver). This is a specific rhythmic signal (such as a drum etc.) that maintains a user’s attention. The signals work in synergy with the ambient signals and brainwave entrainment signals described in methods 1 and 2. The Main Driver is delivered to users through headphones simultaneously with milliseconds range resolution.

Fourth method – Key words or attitude messages. Such messages are effective because in the environment of relative sensory deprivation, synchronized brainwaves’ activity and “frozen” attention state it has the power of imperative message. The Attitude Message can be any type according to the requirements – music, songs, pictures or video or even suggestive messages or its combination. Delivered to users through headphones or headset simultaneously with milliseconds range resolution

HUMENA TimeSpace -

How it Works

The HUMENA Sychronizing Platform is a cloud base distributed service for HUMENA users. It is connected to Atomic Clocks in each time zone and thousands of NTP servers worldwide.



Interpersonal synchronization whereby participants can “tune in” to a specific steady frequency HUMENA CHANNEL range and they will have synchronized mental states during the meditation or other activity. This is achievable through the HUMENA Wave Counter – a proprietary worldwide HUMENA frequency channel provider. The Wave Counter provides a wide range of different main frequencies. It is not transmitted but induced without delay or deviation everywhere using Atomic Clocks, GPS, and worldwide NTP servers. The Wave Counter is reachable by smartphones equipped with headphones, headsets or other appropriate wearable equipment in the form of audio, tactile, or visual sensory signals (electric or magnetic impulses or light flashes). For better understanding – if the Wave Counter induced the frequency of everyone’s heartbeats, than every heart around the Globe would be beating in unison in milliseconds range resolution (ignoring time zones, optical cables signal delays or Theory of relativity time/speed deviation). The Wave Counter provides a constant range of enforced frequencies continuous through 24 hours per day and seven days per week; it was initialized on “Day Zero” being December 21, 2012.

HUMENA Technology Effect


Participants brainwave profiles during Group Meditation or Prayer controlled by HUMENA Technology.


Participants brainwave profiles during any other Group Meditation or Prayer NOT controlled by HUMENA Technology.

Why Do We Need Interpersonal Synchronization?

Why would someone need such precise interpersonal synchronization?

It is common knowledge that people like to do many things synchronously and simultaneously – singing, dancing, drumming, marching, playing music, exercising, and so on. Also, we can find the use of rhythm throughout many religious and meditative practices – from the many rituals and songs in Judeo-Christian denominations to the use of the gong and breathing rhythms in meditation and yoga, such as Native Americans drum rituals, Tibetan chanting, India Krishnaites songs, Sufis rhythmic dances, Christian Gospels and many others. Synchronous activity frequently provides feelings of joy and satisfaction to users.

A number of independent research studies and observations prove that simultaneous mental activity of groups of people can produce certain changes in the surrounding environment. We are aware of dozens of examples of similar events and research studies conducted by different groups. According to their data, the human mind itself and especially the phenomenon of highly coherent synchronous intent, when produced by large groups of participants, can influence directly the events of the surrounding environment or somehow correlate with that environment.

This effect of synchronous intent is a manifestation of certain effects of the quantum world (observer effect) on the macro-world level (macroscopic quantum effect?). Of course, our objectives are not to develop theoretical models, but to give these effects practical uses, such as synchronous meditation by unifying the observer groups worldwide. In other words, HUMENA uses the effects of the collective power of intent produced simultaneously and synchronously by large group of participants.

Where to use HUMENA interpersonal synchronization?

There are ten categories for HUMENA Group's business projects:

1. Non-religious meditation systems (mindfulness meditation, TM etc.)

2. Religious meditations, prayer services and systems

3. Self improvement meditative systems (self-confidence, Learning, self-esteem)

4. Health & Wellness Problem solving (addictions, anxieties, obesity, insomnia, depression, etc.)

5. Special Medical needs (augment healing for a wide range of medical conditions)

6. New Age mind-body intervention systems (OBE, ESP, RV etc.)

7. Entertainment (songs, dancing, parties, flash-mobs, affirmations)

8. Recreation (exercise, sports, yoga, tai-chi, fitness dance systems)

9. Specialized and customized solutions to enhance performance (business, military, sports etc.)

10. Collaborative Research and Development (ESP, PK, Quantum Physics etc.)

HUMENA Endpoint Device Architecture

The highly reconfigurable HUMENA endpoint device interface. Contains 4 virtual containers for logically isolated data processing. Contain 3 virtual containers for logically isolated data exchange. Capability for wide spectrum of transformations for different purposes and adjustments.

endpoint device


Registry blockchain

HUMENA Registry Blockchain

HUMENA Registry Blockchain is dedicated for independent customer registration in many HUMENA service-related cases. It eliminates the need to trust any HUMENA messages about how many customers are online and synchronized in each moment. It has personal encrypted data storage for every customer, including customer settings. Also, customers have control over identity management through a HUMENA’s “time-back machine” that allows recall of previous sessions for comparison and dynamic reflection of status changing. Registry Blockchain provides an exceptional level of trust and security for HUMENA users. Very specific for HUMENA is that Registry Blockchain can definitely tell the customer how many others are in the network when customer is not able to see them at the moment because they all everywhere around the Globe. The HUMENA Registry Blockchain is necessary to create a feeling and understanding of gathering and unity among users.

HUMENA Internet Platform Principal Diagram


  • user’s device architecture with 7 modules –
    • modular interface client,
    • registry blockchain client,
    • synchronizing platform client,
    • transaction terminal client,
    • three secure data exchangers,
  • registry blockchain,
  • synchronizing platform,
  • transaction portal.
secure data exchanger

High Level Architecture

HUMENA System High-Level Architecture

The entire HUMENA Platform including:

  • End-user devices,
  • Registry blockchain,
  • Synchronizing system and
  • Crypto-currency transaction portals

HUMENA System High-Level Architecture - B2B Replication

HUMENA will deliver a completely separate “clone” of HUMENA platform to every B2B customer. The sequence of such deployment is as follows:
(a) – HUMENA and potential B2B Partner sign a B2B agreement,
(b) – HUMENA and B2B partner establish a mutual understanding about the content, interface and functionality of B2B apps,
(c) – HUMENA develops B2B apps for the Partner,
(d) – HUMENA conducts in-house testing of B2B apps,
(e) – HUMENA separates B2B apps by ARE processing for B2B partner,
(f) – HUMENA conducts deployment tests for “cloned” B2B platform,
(g) – HUMENA provides technical support for cloned B2B platform on continuous basis.

B2B Replication