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1. Why Synchronous Meditation is frequently considered as more effective than individual meditation

Human frequently prefers synchronous action whenever possible – singing, dancing, walking, playing music, sport exercising etc.. Human usually feels joy and satisfaction during any synchronous activity. Synchronous activity is often inducing State of Trance. Meditation is not exception.

It is believed and has been observed multiple times, that when many people are simultaneously wishing for something - it happens. So, HUMENA is a scheduled synchronous concentrative meditation for a number of participants to focus on special wishes or KeyWords.

2. Why HUMENA Keyword Meditation is more than just a synchronous meditation

Common understanding of synchronous meditation is when meditation takes place in the same time for all the participants. But it is inevitable that there will be several seconds if not minutes difference between every participant state of mind. HUMENA meditation is different, it has extremely high synchronizing resolution.  It is in  milliseconds range which is much higher than participants brainwave frequency. During HUMENA meditation persons located far away from each other over the distance and around the world will have complete brainwaves alignment and their mental states will be completely synchronized.

3. Frequently I have to use HUMENA Synchronous Meditation

There are no limits. You can do it few times per week or every day or a few times daily. Once per day is  optimal and it is recommended.

4. Is there any long term benefits for everyday meditation

Number of studies on the meditation effects have documented the following benefits: lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, less perspiration, slower respiratory rate, less anxiety, more feelings of well-being and happiness, stress release, better mental functions, improvement in memory and attention span, more balanced immune system function, better sleep, weight loss and improved metabolism. And overall rejuvenating feeling effect. Also, less risks for mental dysfunctions, depression, alcohol and drug abuse.

5. Is there a specific long term benefits for HUMENA meditation versus just a meditation

 The synchronous effects of  HUMENA meditation are making meditation benefits stronger and they are appear to start sooner, In addition, HUMENA is a Keyword meditation, dedicated to develop certain benefits based on specific Keywords