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What is HUMENA?


  • TECHNOLOGY that synchronizes mental states of people meditating and praying around the world
  • IT SOLUTION that implements these mental states using synchronization TECHNOLOGY
  • BUSINESS that provides the TECHNOLOGY and IT SOLUTION in different areas such as:
    • non religious meditation
    • religious meditation
    • spiritual prayers
    • psycho-training affirmations
    • neurotic dysfunctions healing
    • behavioral problems healing
    • addictions recovery support etc.
  • HUMENA is offering HUMENA Apps to individual customers and its TECHNOLOGY and IT SOLUTION  to businesses (B2B customers) as well.

HUMENA  is a Global Network for Synchronous Meditation guided  by Wave Counter, GPS System and NIST Atomic Clock.

HUMENA is a KEYWORD MEDITATION System for unlimited groups of participants from around the World.


It is believed and has been observed a number of times, that when many people are simultaneously wishing for something - it happens. The HUMENA is a scheduled and highly synchronized meditation for a number of participants to focus on Keywords ”.  Those Keywords are related to the mental states desirable by participants.

HUMENA is connected to  the NIST Atomic Clock and GPS system in order to provide real-time synchronization with the highest resolution possible –  a milliseconds range.